published on Monday, 30 March 2015

I've come to realize that in present times, we take things too serious and that has put us in a state of constant uneasiness and the need to get everything checked.
lately I'm mastering the act of remaining calm no matter what, which is like taking a fish from water to live on land, but I realize it pays off. 
being calm rejuvenates and brings its own solutions at will, it reduces the stress of life hassles and make you realize the beauty in your environment 
thanks to cassiedaves for bringing the blog mojo back, because i've really stressed and a little peep at the link, put me back on track 

PICTURES were taken randomly 


published on Friday, 27 March 2015

hello Everyone, so I was asked by the beautiful to work on a mini project                    "WE ARE ALL UNCOOL" its aim, to make each and everyone of us realize that we aren't all as perfect and the social media world is only a part of our lives and that we have others that aren't really shared.

so I decided to piece down seven of my not so cool side and you can follow the link above and see more of those who participated

1. I don't get my work done timely (I procrastinate, I did for this project)
2. I don't like my natural hair that much (thats why you don't see any post about it)
3. I backslide (whew God don't like ugly, working on this seriously)
4. I think a lot about things, most of which are beyond my control
5. I plan at the dying minute (not cool)
6. I wish, I could write well (I've problem with continuity)
7. there are more uncool things about me I probably won't say