My Style Diary

Thursday, 23 October 2014


my first DIY on the blog, I hope I come up with better lightning for this, but well, most times when we see outfits perfect on a bloggers body or on my body for one, there are major chances that the dress might have been altered to suit cause 
same goes to this dress, I found randomly didnt like the fit and the overbearing hands and luckily I have a machine and had to fit it to my body size cut off the hands as seen above
 the final look, will be blogged, with a reference back to this post stay glued...... 

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Vintage Side of Me

Hello Fam, this post is long overdue, and for reasons beyond my control

 lately its been all kinds of vintage feeling, I mean I want to pick everything and look every way like I'm from the 60's, my wardrobe slightly tilting towards that direction and I'm loving it

 and then I had a personality switch with my shoes
Brogues "Schuh
Heels "Truworthfashion
TOP' Thrifted
Bag"From mom